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Fitness Expert Heather Frey Shares Health and Exercise Tips on Inside South Florida

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jul 10, 2024

Inside South Florida recently welcomed fitness strategist Heather Frey to address viewers' questions about exercise, weight loss, and nutrition. Her insights offered practical advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness goals.

Frey discussed the importance of combining resistance training with cardio for effective weight loss, noting that building muscle through weightlifting helps burn calories around the clock. She emphasized the need for a consistent workout routine, whether at home or in a gym, based on individual preferences and goals.

Highlighting the role of nutrition, Frey advised that a balanced diet with proper macronutrients is crucial, and supplements are generally unnecessary. She also dispelled common fitness myths, such as the belief that cardio on an empty stomach leads to faster weight loss and that morning workouts are superior to evening sessions.

For young athletes, Frey recommended incorporating plyometrics, endurance, and agility exercises to enhance performance in sports. She also provided tips for targeting the hips and thighs, emphasizing the importance of strength training and proper nutrition.

Frey's practical advice and actionable tips make her segment a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their fitness routine. For a deeper dive into her recommendations and to hear all the viewer questions she answered, be sure to watch the full video of her appearance on Inside South Florida.

You can follow Heather Frey on Instagram at @heathersmashfit or visit her website at for more personalized fitness guidance.

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