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Hanging Loose with Jay and Beth: From Protein Powders to Podcasts

Posted at 9:32 PM, Jun 24, 2024

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Known for their mantra "hang loose," Jay and Beth Robb joined Inside South Florida to share how they manage a successful protein powder company and their mission to encourage open and honest conversations, through their podcast, “Open Bar”.

When asked why they decided to start a podcast, Beth explains, "We have so many friends… that are just unhappy, and they have topics they really want to talk about but they're afraid to talk about them because they feel like they're maybe taboo… There are important things that we talk about that everybody needs to be talking about."

Jay adds, "We want to get people over the fear of opening up and speaking their mind or even questioning things about their own life or about what they're doing… We want to share our wisdom with them by answering those questions."

The podcast is set to launch in mid-July, and the couple couldn't be more excited.

Jay and Beth also run multiple businesses together, a dynamic that has its challenges and rewards. "I've quit several times," Beth jokes, but Jay quickly adds, "We're very clear on making decisions. She's always right…! The truth is I usually make the final decisions, but I consult her for everything... Whatever she says is usually so insightful for me."

In addition to their business ventures, Jay has a secret passion: music. "I started writing songs about six years ago because I've always loved rock and roll. I've always loved like old school Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin," Jay shares. He recently produced an album, "Hang Loose," under the name "Guru of Peace," and even created a music video.

Jay and Beth's tagline, "hang loose," is more than just a phrase. "We live in an uptight world. I remind people to hang loose no matter what's going on... Things are happening all the time. It's not you. It's someone else. Let them be crazy and wild. You hang loose and your life will be a dream come true," Jay explains, holding up a sticker with the phrase.

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