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History-making chefs talk about the moment they won Michelin Stars for their Miami restaurants

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 17, 2022

For the very first time the world's most famous international restaurant rating guide awarded its Michelin stars to restaurants in Florida.

When a chef, sommelier, or a restaurant receive a Michelin star, they are awarded for their quality ingredients, masterful techniques, and most importantly, their cuisine.

Finally, the guide awarded 15 Michelin stars to Florida restaurants. 4 one- star restaurants were awarded to Orlando, 10 to Miami and the only two-star restaurant in this state is also here in the magic city.

Miami native and now Michelin star chef, Michael Beltran was the first chef to be awarded the star that night, and had one word to describe the moment

"Emotional. And you know, I didn't really notice how long it took me to get on stage, because there was like a sitting area and I didn't sit there I was like in the farther back. And I didn't necessarily hear them call our name. But everyone around me was kind of going nuts. I was like, I guess they called our name. And it's, it was really an amazing, amazing experience," says Beltran, Executive Chef for Ariete.

Days after receiving the award, Beltran has had a chance to reflect on the moment and what this award means to him.

"There's been a lot of like perspective thought over the last few days to which was, you know, one of which I had an opportunity to leave to cook elsewhere years ago. And I didn't, I didn't because I wanted to do all these, like dreams and stuff that I had here in my own city. And not only that, I wanted to highlight how special I think the city really is because you know, the products, the produce, the people, the culture, I mean, everything about it is incredibly special. And I just think it took, you know, a really hard working group of people to showcase that for the world. And I think that's what we did," says Beltran.

Also, under Beltran;s reign is Chug's Diner which was one of the 29 Eateries to receive a Bib Gormand under the guide. Which is an award for a simpler style of cooking at an affordable price but still keeping the higher standard of cooking.

Host of fast foodies and former Top Chef Jeremy Ford can now add a Michelin star to his long list of accolades. Ford is incredibly honored to receive the award. That night he felt a sense of camaraderie with his fellow South Florida chefs.

"You know, it's funny. There was one there was one guy that we had like some beef with right? That was for years and years. And we finally squash it. And I'm so glad because this this ceremony brought us together. We squash our old stuff. And it's just like things like that. And we continue happening, right? The culinary in Miami. The Chef's need to become more unified. You know, we need to share with each other, we need to help each other we need to, you know, just be there for each other a lot more. I think that this this brought us closer together," says Ford, Executive Chef of Stubborn Seed.

Upscale Korean steakhouse Cote. Miami received a one star and Chef David Shem. Thanks the city and fellow Chefs for all their support.

"Speaking about Miami, everybody was shouting 305! 305! You know, for me coming from a 212 area code. It was you know, of course, there was the love but love amongst the culinary scene in Miami was huge. And for me every time I come to Miami the level of hospitality and the open arm environment here is so amazing that they kind of pulled me, in I was part of the crew," Says Shim, Executive Chef of Cote Miami.

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