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Holiday Song 'Winter In The Sun' is an Ode to South Florida's Diversity

Posted at 6:10 PM, Dec 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-29 13:09:07-05

Vegan Chef and Vocalist, Gabrielle Reyes, along with Writer and Producer, Ace Anderson, joined Inside South Florida to showcase their newly released holiday song, 'Winter In The Sun'—a fresh take on celebrating the joys of Christmas and winter in South Florida, with a focus on community, love, and abundance.

"We really wanted to create something that celebrated Florida and its culture, the diversity, you know, we all Brown, we all Black people, we all have Latin influence,” says Reyes. “And so, we really wanted to create something that truly celebrated that and I'm just excited I got to deal with my best friend.”

'Winter In The Sun' pays homage to the rich diversity of South Florida, celebrating various cultures while offering affirmations and paying tribute to ancestors.

“We always like to include affirmations in our music like our first album, Blessed by Grace starts with ‘I am blessed,’ and this album starts with ‘this is abundance,’ and if you think about Christmas time, the holidays, it's about the joy of abundance of family, of love of light,” says Anderson. “And so, we really try to celebrate that throughout the album.”

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