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Home Expert, Rooter 360, has the answers to your leaky pipe questions

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 24, 2022

Managing home repairs is an unavoidable aspect of homeownership. That is why Home Expert and CEO of Rooter 360, William Gardner, joined Inside South Florida to share the best ways to handle copper pipe leaks.

“Copper pipe leaks are pinhole leaks caused by the water. What happens is the water companies put chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine to kill the bacteria in the water,” says Gardner. “Unfortunately, those chemicals eat at the copper in the pipe and cause a pinhole leak in your pipes.”

There are visual cues that you may see with a copper pipe leak.

“Your water bill spikes randomly out of nowhere, or you'll actually see water puddling up or in the walls coming in,” says Gardner.

Some homes are more susceptible to copper pipe leaks than others.

“The year 1980 and above is when they started really using a lot more copper inside of homes,” says Gardner. “It's really anything after 1980 can have a copper pipe in it.”

To detect these types of pipe leaks, Rooter 360 has you covered.

“We actually have a listening device that can hear the water. We can pinpoint it, and then we can isolate and fix that one spot,” says Gardner. “Once we find that one spot that needs to be fixed, then we can find where that pipe is coming from, isolate it, and reroute that pipe overhead and create a new pipe for you.”

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