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Ensuring Home Insulation: An Essential Investment

Posted at 6:48 PM, Feb 28, 2024

In a recent segment on Inside South Florida, Jenny Chapter, the president of Quality Termite and Pest Control, shed light on the importance of home insulation and its impact on energy efficiency and pest control. Jenny emphasized the necessity of proper attic insulation, particularly in South Florida's climate, where extreme heat and humidity can take a toll on homes.

One of the main reasons people require attic insulation is to regulate heating and cooling costs. With South Florida's ever-changing building codes and climate conditions, it's crucial to ensure that insulation meets current standards. Jenny highlighted the role of insulation in reducing the workload on AC systems, ultimately leading to lower energy bills.

Moreover, Jenny discussed the prevalence of contaminated insulation due to rodent activity and other factors. Quality Termite and Pest Control offers attic inspections to assess insulation levels and identify any issues such as rodent infestations or water damage. In cases of severe contamination, the company provides attic restoration services, including insulation removal and sanitization.

Jenny emphasized the importance of regular attic inspections for both health and economic reasons. Insulation plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment while also protecting homes from costly pest infestations and structural damage.

For viewers interested in improving their home insulation, Quality Termite and Pest Control offers a special discount of 15% off all services when mentioning Channel 39 WSFL-TV. Additionally, the company provides free inspections for insulation and termite treatments, ensuring that homeowners receive comprehensive evaluations of their properties.

To learn more about home insulation services and schedule a free inspection, viewers can visit their website at or contact their office at (954) 951-1333.

This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Quality Pest and Termite Control.

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