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Combatting Termites: Tips and Insights from Jenny Chapter

Posted at 9:29 AM, Apr 18, 2024

Disclaimer: This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Quality Termite & Pest Control. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of WSFL-TV.

In a recent segment of Inside South Florida, Jenny Chapter, president of WSFL-TV home expert Quality Termite & Pest Control, shared valuable insights about the prevalence of termites and the importance of prevention. Termites, particularly Formosan termites, pose a significant threat to homes and structures, causing extensive damage that often goes unnoticed until it's too late.

Chapter highlighted the swarm season for termites, which typically occurs from March through August. This period sees a resurgence of Formosan termites, along with other subterranean species, wreaking havoc on properties. These pests are known for their ability to infiltrate homes through various entry points, such as plumbing penetrations, settlement cracks, and gaps between stucco and hollow block exteriors.

Insurance coverage for termite damage is crucial, as repair costs can be exorbitant. Chapter emphasized the importance of preventative measures, including bait stations, barrier treatments, and proactive treatments during new builds. Mulch, which serves as a food source for termites, should be kept away from the structure to minimize the risk of infestation.

Passionate about education, Chapter strives to raise awareness about termite prevention and the devastating effects of infestations. With three generations of experience in the pest control industry, she is dedicated to educating homeowners and businesses about the importance of proactive pest management.

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