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Preventing Termite Damage: Expert Advice from Quality Termite and Pest Control

Posted at 8:57 AM, May 16, 2024

Disclaimer: This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Quality Termite & Pest Control. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of WSFL-TV.

Before you start building a house, it’s essential to consider termite prevention. Recently, Inside South Florida welcomed Jenny Chapter from Quality Termite & Pest Control to discuss crucial information about protecting homes from termites in the state of Florida.

In Florida, termite prevention is a mandated part of the building process. Builders typically handle this, often subcontracting the work. However, Jenny emphasized the importance of understanding the specific species of termites prevalent in the area, particularly the aggressive Formosan termite. "We're seeing houses that are being built and they're being eaten as fast as they're building them," she warned.

Several measures can be taken to protect new homes from termites:

  • Use the Right Products: Jenny recommended discussing with your builder the importance of using powerful products to prevent Formosan termites.
  • Treat Raw Lumber: Applying a non-toxic product called Bora-Care to raw lumber before drywall installation can provide long-lasting protection.
  • Annual Inspections: Regular inspections by a professional are crucial to catch potential issues early. "It's worth looking into. Don’t just focus on your kitchen cabinetry or wood flooring and the color on the wall. Look at protecting all of it," Jenny advised.

While the Formosan termite is particularly destructive, several other species also pose threats, including the Eastern and Asian subterranean termites, and drywood termites. Jenny explained that drywood termites swarm annually, especially after rain, making them a common nuisance. She suggested using bug lights, which do not attract insects, to minimize the presence of these pests around homes.
Preventative measures are vital as termite damage is not covered by homeowners' insurance. Jenny emphasized that it is of upmost importance to take preventative measures by having the home inspected annually. Ignoring these measures can lead to extensive and costly damage that requires structural fumigations and significant repairs.

For homeowners looking to protect their properties, Quality Termite and Pest Control offers free inspections. Their website,, and their contact number, 954-842-9411, provide easy access to schedule an inspection.

Jenny's passion for pest control and dedication to educating homeowners about termite prevention underscores the importance of taking proactive steps to protect homes. "Just like you go to the doctor, send your house to the doctor and get that check-up," she recommended, stressing the value of regular check-ups to maintain a healthy and termite-free home.

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