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How to beat gym intimidation with Fitness Expert Heather Frey

Posted at 2:21 PM, Sep 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-09 14:21:31-04

Have you ever felt intimidated when first walking into a gym? Fitness Expert, Heather Frey joined Inside South Florida to share how you can beat “gymtimidation.”

“A lot of times what holds you back is what we like to call gym intimidation,” says Frey. “Which means you walk into a gym and you're like, I have no idea what to do. I don't know what the machines do, and so you don't go at all.”

Frey shared some tips on what you can do to move beyond that initial fear.

“The number one thing you should do is don't worry what people think,” says Frey. “The other thing is, look at the directions on the machines. I do that all the time.”

If you are not sure where to start when returning to the gym, Frey shared workout that will ease you in, but still get results.

“Here's the biggest thing, when you walk into a gym, it's not just willy nilly. The machines are not just spread everywhere. They're organized,” says Frey. “Hit some arms, hit some legs, do some abs and look for those machines that are familiar to you.”

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