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How to repurpose soft tomatoes with Founder of Concerned Cook, Aymara Lucero

Posted at 2:34 PM, Sep 09, 2022

If you have ever had soft tomatoes and gone to throw them away, Founder of Concerned Cook, Aymara Lucero has the solution for you. She joined Inside South Florida to help us say goodbye to food waste by showing you how to turn soft tomatoes into tomato sauce.

“Have you ever opened your fridge and you find a bunch of tomatoes that are just too soft, so you don't want to put them in your sandwiches,” says Lucero. “If that were to happen, we don't want to contribute to food waste so we can find ways to repurpose the soft tomatoes that are also going to be a little bit watery.”

Lucero starts with a hot pan and dices the tomatoes.

“It's also really quick,” says Lucero. “You can freeze it for later and you can eat it with a bunch of different recipes. Everybody likes tomato sauce.”

She then adds a little bit of salt, Italian seasoning, olive oil and diced onions to the pan.

“This is just probably like one to two servings,” says Lucero. “The tomatoes are going to break down and they're going to become like a puree.”

After five minutes, you’re left with a delicious tomato sauce.

For more information, visit her website

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