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How your pet can help improve your mental health

Posted at 11:06 AM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-21 11:06:25-04

Not only is your pet cute and fun to have around, but they can also improve your quality of life. Studies show that having a pet can reduce feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Kyle Kittleson, host of MedCircle, and his adorable pup Cali explained a little more about how pets can be beneficial to your overall well being.

Kittleson says one misconception is that you have to have a cat or a dog in order reap the benefits of having a pet. In reality, it can be any animal. Even having a fish tank with one fish in it can calm you and lower stress levels, he says.

When it comes to emotional support and service animals, it depends on two things; the comfortably between the person and the animal, and the level of interaction you can have with them.

"I can take Cali virtually anywhere with me so I can have interactions with her, if I'm really comforted by my fish, I can't take them with me to go visit you in Miami," he says.

If you were wondering, the difference between an emotional support animal and a service animal, support animals can be any animal that helps you feel good, a service dog is trained to supply a service to the individual, like a seeing-eye dog or a seizure alert dog.

Caring for Cali is wonderful help for Kittleson, he says. Being able to care for something else will help you care for yourself.

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