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Interview with Paulina Lule: A Trailblazer in Entertainment and Conservation

Posted at 8:47 AM, Jun 20, 2024

Inside South Florida recently welcomed the multitalented Paulina Lule, a trailblazing figure in the entertainment industry. Paulina is set to captivate audiences in the upcoming MGM+ series, “Emperor of Ocean Park”, produced by the creative minds behind the Emmy and SAG award-winning series, “Shameless”. The gripping drama premieres on Sunday, July 14.

Paulina shared insights about their role in “Emperor of Ocean Park”. They play Kimberly Madison-Garland, the spouse of Talcott Garland, son of Judge Garland (portrayed by Forest Whitaker). "She is a lawyer, a mother, and is currently in talks of being nominated for federal judiciary by the President of the United States… In the story [her husband] is becoming consumed with this conspiracy of if his father was murdered or if he died of natural causes. And that's causing a bunch of friction in their relationship," Paulina explained.

Paulina's background includes both acting and filmmaking. When asked how they navigate both creative worlds, they remarked, "They all feed into each other. When you know enough about acting, it informs your writing. When you know about writing, it informs how you direct and act. So as a creative whole, they inform each other. As far as how it is to do all of them… acting, writing and directing fulfill all different parts of me. When I'm finished an acting project, I'm often feeling like that part of me is spent, and I want to do some writing or I want to direct something, and I just kind of cycle around between all of them."

Paulina's upcoming film project, “Sherman Park”, combines horror with social commentary. "I've written a zombie horror film that I'm going to direct… It is an allegory about recidivism," they said. Inspired by their brother's release from prison in 2016, Paulina's film explores the challenges faced by individuals reentering society. "The main character is returning home, trying to restart his life after being in prison for multiple years. And literally, the city around him has turned into zombies. What I would like the audience to take away from that is, when people reenter society, most people want to live on the right path and want to do the right thing. But when we create situations that are difficult for them to survive and stay on the straight and narrow... that's why people return to prison."

Beyond their artistic endeavors, Paulina is a dedicated conservationist. Paulina began their conservation work in Milwaukee, where they continue to contribute to environmental causes. It is evident that Paulina's commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the entertainment industry.

Paulina Lule is not only making waves in the entertainment industry with their multifaceted talents but is also using their platform to address important social issues through their upcoming film project. Their work in conservation further highlights their dedication to creating a better world.

Be sure to catch Paulina Lule in “Emperor of Ocean Park” premiering on MGM+ on Sunday, July 14. For more information on their projects and initiatives, follow them on Instagram @paulinnium.

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