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Kingsford’s Charcoal can be the main attraction at your next event

Posted at 4:16 PM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 16:16:09-04

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and host an outdoor gathering. Champion Pitmaster, Chris Lilly, joined Inside South Florida to share grilling recipes that will spice up your next event.

“I start off by butterflying a chicken,” says Lilly. “Once that's done add a little salt, little black pepper, and a touch of olive oil, and that chicken is ready for the grill.”

Skillful placement of your charcoals can enhance the flavor of the protein on the grill.

“I got my Kingsford Charcoal on one side of the grill so that I can get that rich, charred live fire flavor. I've got an area away from the fire that I can cook with indirect heat,” says Lilly. “You can use the indirect heat to baste the chicken with a combination of butter, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice, vinegar, garlic, sesame oil and a little bit of ginger in a 10x10 pan.”

Adding a few extra ingredients can turn grilled corn into a delectable and flavor-filled side dish.

“We want to put two ears of corn directly over the Kingsford Charcoal. Then put two cans of drained black beans in the pan and cut up your ears of corn from the grill,” says Lilly. “Next, you want to mix that with cooked mixed veggies. Then you can top that off with cilantro, a little salt and some cotija cheese. Lastly, you can finish this dish by combining two-parts mayonnaise with one-part sour cream to make a dressing.”

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