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Meals On Wheels Offers Gourmet Meals with Complete Cuisine

Posted at 3:38 PM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 15:38:42-04

During these past few months, many across South Florida are finding difficulty in putting meals on their tables.
Within the tough times comes the good as two local companies partner up in giving back to the community.

Meals on Wheels South Florida is primarily known for giving meals to seniors with their meal delivery program. They offer plenty of other services to the community but this program involves a collaboration with Red Chair Catering.

"At first Red Chair Catering was a concept that was just going to be for small parties, for families who couldn't afford big parties and could do it with us. And then evolved to corporate catering, food previsions, we've catered big events like the Air show, summer camps and now Complete Cuisine. So it's really evolved to a lot of different things and it's because of the support of the community," said Jessica Grenat, Owner of Red Chair Catering.

For two years, Red Chair Catering and Meals on Wheels has been able to provide gourmet meals at an affordable price point. And in return, it gives back to Meals on Wheels South Florida.

"What we really loved about Meals on Wheels and this line of Complete Cuisine is the way that it gives back to their programs, so they can fund more meals. We're big supporters of different organizations in the community and we try to partner up with things that makes sense for us and when it comes to food and food insecurity it was just a no-brainer to work with Meals on Wheels," says Grenat.

"Jessica and the Red Chair team have been so amazing not just to Meals On Wheels but also for the whole community. They're really philanthropists that care about the community. We were so happy to team up with them. The meals that they make are amazing. It's gourmet meals and we're so happy to be able to offer these (meals) to our clients that maybe can't afford to pay a little bit for meals. But, it also goes back into helping us provide more meals for people who can't afford to pay for them," stated Mark Adler, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels South Florida.

With customized entree and sides Complete Cuisine is made to order for anyone in general.

"A lot of my staff actually order it because they don't want to cook for one person. Which is really hard to do. We have parents who buy meals for their college kids because they want to make sure they have a good meal. Everything from children of older adults that live out-of-state, they place the orders online or over the phone as well," said Adler.

"Another thing that we really like is that if you're someone that has a special diet, you have eat low sodium, you have diabetes, all of our meals, when we started were entrees and sides. So you can really customize them to make them fit your special diet... So it's delicious meals and a healthy program," added Grenat.

If you want to know more information on the program you can head on over here and we are challenging our communities to step and fight hunger among the most needy. If you want to contribute to our meals on wheels campaign you can click here

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