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Meet the local creative behind some of South Florida's art innovations

Posted at 4:08 PM, Aug 18, 2022

People come from all over the world to experience the art right here in South Florida from beautiful art installations to incredible murals everywhere The sights are spectacular.

If you're from the Broward County area and follow the Fort Lauderdale arts and culture scene, then you may have heard of Maxence Doytier.

With his down to Earth personality and awesome hairstyle, Maxence is the creative director of Twenty6North productions.

The three tier production company highlights facilitates and promotes the arts. By working alongside up and coming artists.

"We work with those South Florida, the local artists, we feel that these are the emerging up and coming artists to know we have a personal relationship with a lot of these artists are giving them the opportunity to go from painting a canvas to now painting the side of a building much larger canvas," says Doytier.

Maxence's role is to be a liaison to clients, such as real estate companies, commercial builders and even nonprofits.

He connects them with artists to create masterpieces that bring life to their buildings. More so, it's important for Maxence to work with organizations that give back to the community,

"Abandoned Pet Rescue, BBX and BFA (Business for the Arts), we've worked with Handy. There's nothing more important than giving back to our local community and connecting the dots between the locals that live here. As well as those that those that appreciate the arts," says Doytier.

Twenty6North hires creatives for live events and activations. Most importantly, they're also hired to create murals.

"The beautiful thing about painting murals and working with artists is that with a canvas, an art piece gets purchased that day of and they get stored, so to speak at a collectors house. With murals is you work hand in hand with the community, providing them as a landmark, something that's beautiful that stay there for the test of time. It's a beautification process with murals, as well as an opportunity for the community to represent itself through the arts," says Doytier.

One of the best parts of all of this is when the clients let the artists have creative freedom with the projects.

"The building behind me was painted as a collaborative effort. Native relative reached out and said, hey, can you provide us different artists that are on brand. Their company is called native their South Florida commercial real estate agency, and they wanted something with a natural landscape. So we provided them over a dozen artists for them to choose from, that could paint this natural, beautiful South Florida landscape," says Doytier.

Artists Carlos Diaz De Arce feels blessed to have partnered with 26 North and Maxim's as doors opened for him, thanks to the opportunities.

"It's fun, you know, you get to meet other artists, we get to be a part of something that's in the community somewhere that you you've been. It's cool to just be a part of something that's like bigger than you, it's really a part of the community," says De Arce

"There's nothing better than bringing everyone together. We truly feel that together. Let's paint this world a little more vivid," says Doytier.

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