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Miami Art Club: A Creative Haven for All Ages

Posted at 3:20 PM, Jul 04, 2024

If you want to connect with your inner artist, no matter your age, Miami Art Club will help you create that masterpiece. This nonprofit organization, managed by a group of dedicated volunteers, aims to provide art education and therapeutic support to individuals and families.

"Our idea is to give back to the community," said Maria Bermudez, president of the Miami Art Club. "For people that can't afford very costly art or music classes, being a nonprofit, we're able to maintain that." The Miami Art Club is a place where art enthusiasts can practice a creative hobby that allows them to have fun and disconnect from the routine. It's open to all ages, offering an opportunity to express how they see their environment and the world around them.

The club starts accepting students as young as three years old, with classes available for all ages. The oldest student in the painting class is in their later years, showing the club’s inclusivity across generations. Each class has an instructor or mentor and begins with an inspiration. Students first practice by sketching the image, and once they feel confident, they proceed to painting their masterpiece. It’s a transformative experience, allowing each artist to develop their skills through the process.

"I like to paint because I just like to express myself. When I see a finished product, it makes me feel better," said Kaela Resto, one of the young artists.

"For every age in your life, it's great to express your feelings and appreciate the beauty of life," shared Caridad Morales, one senior participant. "Seniors, when they retire, they get very sad. Painting makes me happy." This feeling of happiness and accomplishment transcends age limits.

Entering the Miami Art Club, one might expect to simply learn how to paint, but the experience is far richer. The club exemplifies the best of humanity, with elders and young faces painting side by side, learning and expressing themselves equally, regardless of limitations.

"We have a lot of disabled children and adults that come to the class, and they fit right in. Nobody looks at them differently. They all paint," Maria Bermudez shared. Signing their pieces, students feel the pride of having created an original work of art. "When I painted this, I feel happy and beautiful," said Juan Abascal, a 16-year-old participant.

Miami Art Club transcends age and brings people together from all backgrounds through art. The club also offers music lessons and summer camps, providing a blank canvas for self-expression. For more information on how you can bring out your inner artist, visit

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