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Navigating Super Bowl Monday: Balancing Work and Play

Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 02, 2024

Chris Todd, CEO of UKG, shared insights on Inside South Florida on the phenomenon of employees planning to miss work on Super Bowl Monday and the potential consideration of declaring it a national holiday.

Recent data indicates a record-breaking 16 million Americans plan to be absent from work on the Monday following the Super Bowl, with 6 million intending to feign illness or discreetly skip work. The statistics have sparked discussions about whether this day should be officially recognized as a national holiday.

In response to these findings, Todd revealed that 37% of Americans surveyed believe Super Bowl Monday should indeed be treated as a holiday. While not a majority, this significant percentage suggests a considerable portion of the population supports the idea.

Todd encourages employers to proactively engage with employees regarding their plans for the day after the Super Bowl. By acknowledging the event and fostering open communication, companies can create an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing time off. Todd emphasizes the importance of reminding employees about vacation time and existing time-off policies, facilitating a smoother process for everyone involved.

Moreover, Todd sees the Super Bowl as an opportunity for companies to enhance their culture and strengthen employee engagement. Encouraging communication around major events contributes to a positive workplace culture, ultimately boosting overall business performance.

For additional resources and insights on developing a positive company culture, Todd directs companies to visit

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