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Pipeline Workspaces Launch Campaign To Build Local Opportunities

Posted at 4:02 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 16:02:15-05

As we hit one year into the pandemic. Many organizations had to adopt new ways of working.

Companies had employees work from home making it the new normal and it’s safe to say that remote working isn’t going anywhere.

"What's happening is that companies all around but especially what we've seen, in New York, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley is that it worked. People were able to work remotely and people started to reassess 'Do we have to be in these cities?' In particular, some of these cities where there are high taxes or it's very expensive or just don't have the quality of life they started to reasses and Miami keeps popping up," states Phillipe Houdard, CEO and co-founder of Pipeline Workspaces.

As many out-of-state entrepreneurs and employees making the move to the sunshine state. Many find Florida's diverse and talented workforce appealing.

"The caliber of people is so impressive and so many are coming here and are excited to be here. And what I am hearing multiple times, which I find quite interesting, is that Miami today is being reminiscent of Silicon Valley 20 or 25 years ago. When it was young, enthusiastic, scrappy where there wasn't a sense of entitlement, which some cities are being characterized in having. Here you have Miami that's aspirational, it young, it's growing, and it's really taking off," says Houdard.

At Pipeline Workspaces, they are launching their “Welcome to Florida, Doors Wide Open” campaign, which offers two months of free office space, no strings attached, to people bringing their talents south.
"It's really about creating an environment where we are welcoming, where companies can have a smooth landing, and hopefully they'll grow their enterprises here." says the CEO.

Ultimately, Phillipe believes that Pipeline Workspaces will serve incoming out-of-state professionals and will able to network with a diverse community the space has to offer.

Pipeline Workspaces has four locations in South Florida if you want to know more information you can head on over here

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