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Prevent Road Rage Accidents with Demesmin and Dover Law Firm

Posted at 6:09 PM, Nov 16, 2023

WSFL-TV’s Trusted Advisors and Law Firm Partners of Demesmin and Dover Law Firm, Victor Demesmin and Jeremy Dover, joined Inside South Florida to discuss their expertise on prioritizing defensive driving to prevent road rage-induced accidents and navigate challenges such as traffic congestion, being late, and distractions.

“Number one is traffic congestion, number two is our comfort to being late, people are always in a rush to get where they need to,” says Dover. “Three, we have said it before, distracted driving, involved in a text message you get caught up in what's going on and then everything around you just kind of gets caught in that emotion. And that triggers the last one, emotion. When you take driver’s ED, I don't know if many people remember it back in the day, but I remember them always saying ‘don't drive angry, don't drive when you're filled with emotions,’ because that can lead you to either road rage or distracted driving and cause accidents.”

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