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Protecting Ecosystems: Insights from Re:wild and Culturelle Probiotics

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 31, 2024

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Inside South Florida recently featured Robin D. Moore, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Re:wild, to discuss the organization's collaboration with Culturelle Probiotics. This new campaign draws attention to the similarities between endangered ecosystems on Earth and the threatened state of the human gut microbiome.

Robin D. Moore highlighted the critical role of Earth's ecosystems, stating, "Biodiversity is the fabric of life that makes Earth livable." Ecosystems provide essential services such as clean air, fresh water, food, and medicines, and serve as our first line of defense against emerging diseases and climate chaos. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are experiencing a significant loss of biodiversity, with research showing a 70% decline in wildlife populations since 1970.

Robin emphasized the striking parallels between Earth's ecosystems and the human gut microbiome, which is composed of trillions of bacteria species. "In the last 70 years, we've lost nearly half of our microbial diversity," he noted. Just like natural ecosystems, the gut microbiome's diversity is crucial for its resilience and overall health, affecting everything from digestion and immunity to mental well-being.

Re:wild focuses on protecting and restoring ecosystems worldwide, including forests, coral reefs, and mangroves. The organization believes that "rewilding the world starts with rewilding ourselves," recognizing that humans are an integral part of nature. "What happens within us has repercussions for what happens in ecosystems outside of us, and vice versa," Robin explained.

Highlighting the interconnectedness of all ecosystems, Robin stressed, "When biodiversity and ecosystems suffer, we suffer." A healthy ecosystem is a diverse and resilient one, whether it exists within our bodies or in the natural world. Protecting this diversity is essential for sustaining life and health on multiple levels.

In collaboration with Culturelle Probiotics, Re:wild launched the "Protect the Gut Microbiome" campaign. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting biodiversity both inside and outside our bodies.

For more information about the campaign and how to protect both environmental and internal ecosystems, visit

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