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Protecting Your Sea Walls: Insights from The Foam Guys

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jun 20, 2024

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Living in South Florida means being surrounded by water, which can pose a challenge to homeowners, businesses, and marinas alike. Sea walls, essential for protecting properties from water damage, can deteriorate over time. To discuss how to safeguard these vital structures, Inside South Florida welcomed trusted seawall advisers, The Foam Guys.

The Foam Guys specialize in the foam injection process to reinforce and rejuvenate aging sea walls. This process begins with a thorough evaluation using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to look into the ground and identify any voids or undermining that might be weakening the seawall.

The Foam Guys offer a range of services starting with ground penetrating radar, which helps see what's happening underground. Once they have identified any issues, they use foam injection to reinforce and rejuvenate the seawall. Co-owner Mark Smith explained that concrete, despite its hardness, wears out after 50 or 60 years, and foam injections penetrates the walls to chemically create a new, reinforced structure.

In addition to foam injection, The Foam Guys provide various other services:

  • Snap Jackets: These reinforce pilings.
  • Concrete Restoration and Repair: This includes raising caps.
  • Seam Sealing: Addressing notorious leaks at concrete-on-concrete joints.
  • Stabilization: This encompasses the overall stabilization of the seawall.

Co-owner Frank Hogan elaborated on the significance of maintaining sea walls: "As the tides rate come up and down, it's constantly dragging the sand away from the bottom. Like when you're in the water at the beach and you sink into the sand, the tow line, which is the bottom of the seawall is dragged out, just like your toes are dragged out at the beach. So we have to seal the bottom of the leakage so you don't have the leak from the back of the seawall into the ocean."
In a gesture of appreciation, The Foam Guys are offering a $500 discount to military personnel, first responders, emergency services personnel, and senior citizens. Just mention this ad from Inside South Florida to avail of this special deal.

For more information on how to protect and maintain your seawall, The Foam Guys can be reached through their website at or by calling 954-370-6161.

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