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Quality Termite and Pest Control: Safeguarding Homes from Termite Threats in South Florida

Posted at 7:39 AM, Jan 25, 2024

Jenny Chapter, the CEO and President of Quality Termite and Pest Control, recently joined Inside South Florida to shed light on the comprehensive services her company offers to combat significant termite threats prevalent in South Florida homes, often overlooked by insurance policies.

One of the many issues that Quality Termite and Pest Control can help with is rodent infestations. Chapter explains that rodents tend to seek refuge in attics during the cooler months. “We're going to find out where the entry point is for them and exclude that off and trap anything that's inside,” exclaims Chapter. The attic restoration company excludes rodents, sanitizes space, and installs thermal acoustical pest control with boric acid.

Quality Termite and Pest Control places a strong emphasis on customer service and fosters relationships through its family-owned business with third-generation expertise. “We're very much a family-operated business. We are very tight-knit with our employees. We have fun events, we do picnics, camping trips, we have a good time. At the end of the day, I believe that that carries on with our gentlemen out in the field in that you take care of the employee, the employee takes care of the customer. It’s very simple,” explains Chapter.

Chapter underscores the paramount importance of preventative measures to thwart termite damage before it occurs.

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