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"Queen of Knives" Brings a Mix of Drama and Comedy to South Florida

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jul 05, 2024

The stars of the new drama-comedy film “Queen of Knives”, Mel Harris and Gene Pope, joined Inside South Florida to discuss their latest project. The film, which explores the dynamics of a modern, eccentric family adjusting to generational changes, has been generating buzz for its unique blend of humor and heartfelt moments.

Gene Pope described the essence of the movie: "It's about a Brooklyn family that is going through changes in life. Both generations – the older and the younger – are going through a few hurdles. That's what makes it a comedy about life itself… There's some drama in it that surprises you, but it's meant to be a mixture that mimics real life. Because, let's face it, real life can't be all serious and can't be all laughing. It's a combination of both."

When asked about the decision to screen the film in South Florida, particularly in West Palm Beach and South Beach, Pope explained, "As we're doing this tour, we're trying to get as much variety in different audiences as we can from different states. It informs us as to who our audience is. The great thing is that every place we've been, no matter where, the audience really likes this movie, and which just warms my heart."

Mel Harris added, "It's also nice as an independent film to bring it to a theater, instead of just streaming it. It changes the experience and makes it bigger for people."

Looking ahead, there is potential for a third installment in the series. While audiences have expressed interest, Pope stressed the importance of maintaining the quality of the story and not overextending the concept. The prequel, Kingdom of Knives, provides additional backstory for the characters, and any future films will need to meet the high expectations set by the first two.

For those eager to experience “Queen of Knives”, the film is currently on tour and receiving rave reviews. Audiences are encouraged to see it in theaters for the full communal experience or host viewing parties at home. To learn more about the film, visit their website at

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