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Revolutionizing Education and Mental Wellness with AI

Posted at 6:10 PM, May 31, 2024

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In a recent interview on Inside South Florida, Dr. Michael Everest shared insights into edYOU, an innovative platform designed to enhance learning and wellness through AI technology. Dr. Everest's mission is to revolutionize education and mental health support by providing a safe and engaging environment for users.

Dr. Everest introduced edYOU as a platform that leverages AI to create a secure and effective learning environment. "I developed a safe environment... specifically for learning because I think education needs a revolution, and for wellness, because learning and wellness are now tied together," he explained. The platform features a conversational AI, capable of real-time interaction and sentiment analysis, allowing it to respond empathetically to users' emotions.

edYOU is making significant strides through collaborations with prominent institutions. One notable partnership is with the University of Alabama's football program. Dr. Everest described the dual role of the platform: "We have a player's pal that helps you learn the football plays... and the second one is Hannah, the wellness companion." This integration helps players manage both their athletic and emotional challenges.

Additionally, edYOU is working with Sierra Canyon School to enhance education in subjects like biology and mathematics. Early studies, such as those conducted at California Northstate University School of Medicine, demonstrated a 10% improvement in student grades compared to traditional methods.

Dr. Everest emphasized the importance of edYOU in addressing social anxiety and providing a safe space for learning and wellness. "This gives people control and puts them in a safe environment... There’s a conversational aspect to it, so you're conversing," he said. edYOU's data analytics feature also provides valuable insights for educators and supervisors, helping them track engagement and performance.

edYOU plans to launch a subscription service, making the platform accessible to individuals for a wide range of educational and wellness needs. Dr. Everest clarified, "We're not taking the place of anybody... It's to empower people to have something available when they need it." The platform aims to be error-free, utilizing a patented filtration system to minimize mistakes commonly associated with AI technologies.

For those interested in exploring edYOU, Dr. Everest encouraged visiting their website, and interact with Hannah. The platform is set to expand its availability to individuals in about six months, promising a significant impact on education and mental health support.

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