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Revolutionizing the Future: Must-See Breakthrough Tech Products Unveiled at CES 2024!

Posted at 7:10 PM, Jan 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-12 19:10:13-05

Tech Life Columnist, Jennifer Jolly, joined Inside South Florida from Las Vegas to share the hottest new gadgets and tech tools from the most influential tech event in the world, the CES 2024.

LG amazed everyone by unveiling The Signature OLED T, a 4k 77-inch tv that is the first transparent television. “You can see right through it even when there's something on the screen,” says Jolly. “That means you can now put it anywhere in the room, even in front of a window.” For more information visit

With on-board AI and even a ChatGPT assistant, there is a reason the Carbon 1 Pro E-Bike is one of the hottest upgrades for Urtopia. Jolly says, “The bike can even sense where you're riding hills, trails, roads and react with the just right level of assistance.” For more information visit

Another gadget to be on the lookout for is Lenovo’s Magic Bay Studio. It features a cutting edge 4k webcam and includes some integrated speakers, along with an adorable little robot companion and other add-ons that will become available later on. “Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Detachable Hybrid though that's the real showstopper here,” says Jolly about the high-end laptop. “It is a twofer for Windows PC and Android tablet together … It's two devices in one that coming out in Q2 this year.” For more information visit

Shelly’s Mini Gen3 Smart Devices is a smart but mighty gadget that allows you to make any switch or outlet at home smart. “They are among the smallest relays in the world adding instant automation to everything from lights to electrical appliances and then you can control those things from anywhere you happen to be in the world,” says Jolly. For more information visit

Lastly, Barsys 360 Cocktail Maker is the automated mixologist of the future. Jolly explains, “You pour your own favorite spirits juices drink add ons into one of the 630 ounce compartments here the app then gives you tons of ideas of what you can make or you can tell it how to make your favorite drink”. For more information visit

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