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Rising Pop Star, Giovanni Niubo, shares the inspiration behind his music

Posted at 8:25 AM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 08:25:12-04

If you're wondering who might become the next big star, keep an eye out for South Florida’s very own Giovanni Niubo. He joined Inside South Florida to talk more about his music career.

“Growing up here, I didn't like it that much. But after traveling and going to other states and experiencing other cities, I definitely appreciate Miami more,” says Niubo. “I find myself calling my mom and telling her that I miss being here.”

His first song, titled “Bets On U”, has seen great reviews.

“I wasn't anywhere near my goal, where I wanted to be and I had these people in the entertainment industry believe in me, which is something that I wasn't used to,” says Niubo. “I decided to flip it over and I wrote “Bets On U” instead of bets on me and my producer loved it.”

He also described some of his musical inspirations, emphasizing that a lot of famous songwriters have helped him hone his craft.

“I really admire Chester Bennington, who was the lead singer of Linkin Park. I really loved his openness and his vulnerability. That's something that you don't see much of now,” says Niubo. “But I think that Kpop definitely had the most impact on my career because I love their visuals, they like dance, and they care about their aesthetics.”

You can find Niubo’s song “Bets on U” on music streaming platforms

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