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South Florida Teen Creates The Germ Genie

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jun 22, 2020
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As states around the country are loosening their lockdown, traveling is slowing picking back up.
And now more than ever, travelers are hyper aware of germs surrounding them.

That’s why this South Florida teen created a product to combat germs during unavoidable situations. This comes after he had a medical mishap of his own while traveling.

"I was actually flying back from New York in July of 2019 when I fell asleep on my airplane tray table. And I woke up to a horrible rash on my face. After that, I started researching the cleanliness of airplane tray tables and found that they are actually eight times dirtier than a toilet flush button,' says Henry Hurowitz, Founder and CEO, Germ Genie.

Hurowitz is a student turned entrepreneur. After that incident he had on his flight back home he gathered a team of like-minded young entrepreneurs from his Junior Achievement of South Florida club and created Germ Genie which are essential products for staying germ free.

"Initially, the tray table covers was our signature product. It was our premiere product to start out with and then after doing all this research, finding unprecedented statistics on how germs play a harmful role in our environment and the impact that it causes. We wanted to expand the idea into a premium package.Where it contains all the essentials you need to stay germ free on-the-go. And it really allowed us to uphold our mission," says Daniel Gutkin, CFO, Germ Genie.

The premium package is a TSA compliant pouch that contains essentials like the airplane table tray placements, a headrest cover, non-latex gloves, a hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. And with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, they have released a new deluxe kit

"It includes all the items in the original travel pack. Plus the option of one or two KN95 face masks, a first aid kit, a pair of shoe covers and a package of toilet seat covers for that additional protection during these unprecedented times," stated Hurowitz.

And these young entrepreneurs are also giving back to our community.

"When we are a part of Junior Achievement, we decided to give 10% of our profits to Memorial Healthcare and 10% to Junior Achievement of South Florida, to give future young entrepreneurs they same opportunity we had. And after we disbanded the JAA company and became an LLC we decided to continue supporting Memorial Healthcare and in the month of June, we wanted to support the Equal Justice . Initiative. Additionally, we are creating an initiative shortly to give first responders the necessary PPE they need to perform their job safely," says Hurowitz

Hurowitz and Gutkin are currently in talks in partnering up with a major commercial airlines and big box retailers. If you want to buy their products you can head on over here.

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