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Targeting your abs with fitness expert Heather Frey

Posted at 4:01 PM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 16:01:26-04

If your social media is flooded with workout videos, you might be wondering what body part people most want to know how to work out. Heather Frey joined Inside South Florida to answer this question.

“Abs get asked all the time. And it's one of the most Googled body parts regarding fitness there is,” says Frey. “But there are three things you need to know about building abs. Number one is you have to work them, of course, working them makes them pop. Number two is nutrition. I know it's the hardest one, but eating too many of the wrong foods will just keep them covered up.”

She also mentions the importance of genetics which doesn't mean you shouldn't go for that six pack, but Fret says it means you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

“One of the things you need to know is that you'll hear people talk about upper and lower abs,” says Frey. “It's one long muscle that you can do moves that are going to target the upper portion and the lower portion, and the obliques, which are the muscles that run down the sides.”

The first workout she demonstrated to target the upper portion of your abs are sit ups and crunches.

“Sit ups are when you come all the way up, which I love,” says Frey. “Make sure when you do, you take your hands and you use your arms really just to support your neck, not to pull you up, then you're really not using your abs.”

The next move targets the lower portion of your abs, called Abs circles.

“They are fantastic because not only are you hitting those lower parts of your abs, you're also hitting the obliques as your legs move in a circle by holding them up,” says Frey. “It hits and targets many of those lower muscles.”

One of Frey’s favorites targets the lower abs and you can use a pair of socks or plates depending on if you have tile or carpet.

“You're gonna get in a pushup position and you are going to take your knees and pull them towards your chest,” says Frey. “You are going to think about those lower abs, pulling your knees towards your chest. That is how you target those lower abs.”

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