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Tech Expert unveils the latest must-have gadgets

Posted at 6:56 PM, May 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-25 18:56:26-04

Tech Expert, Marc Saltzman, joined Inside South Florida to unveil the latest tech products to keep you in sync.

“For under $40, the Echo Pop is the latest in the Echo family of smart speakers. It has a front-facing speaker, which delivers full sound,” says Saltzman. “Then there's the Echo Show Five which fuses the smarts of a hands-free Alexa with a glanceable screen, and there are the new wireless Echo Buds with a semi-in-ear design that is great for taking conference calls with long battery life.” For these products, visit

This summer, keep pesky critters out of your home with a smarter approach.

“The Raid Essentials Light Trap uses continuous light technology to attract and trap flying bugs without any insecticides,” says Saltzman. “You never have to touch any insects or get your hands sticky in the process.” You can purchase this at

Aiper’s Seagull Pro helps you dive into a clean pool every time.

“Its navigation technology systematically cleans your pool,” says Saltzman. “It doesn't just suck up dirt and debris from the bottom, it can even climb the walls and leave your pool sparkling.” You can find this at

Elevate your home entertainment experience, and your gaming setup, and create a dreamland for kids' bedrooms with this game-changing product.

“The GE Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Bulbs feature millions of colors,” says Saltzman. “They put on light shows, and there's even a microphone in the bulbs so that colors move with music to create the perfect atmosphere.” You can find this instore and online at

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This Inside South Florida segment is paid for by Amazon, Raid, Aiper, GE Lighting and a Savant Company.

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