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Tell Robert Foundation helps those suffering from mental health issues

Posted at 6:04 PM, May 07, 2021
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As the conversation around mental health continues to change, especially for younger people, the world is becoming more aware of the importance of speaking up about these issues. The Tell Robert foundation is a valuable resource for young adults struggling with mental health.

Robert David Fenstersheib is the co-founder of the group. It was founded after a tragic family event involving his brother and father. His brother suffered from mental health issues and drug addiction, ultimately losing the battle and taking their father with him.

"We started this foundation as a means to provide people with the knowledge and awareness that it's okay to speak up and seek help and tell somebody that you're suffering," says Robert.

His sister, Stephanie Fenstersheib, president of the foundation, says their goal is to raise awareness and let people know that there are resources available for them to reach out to.

"We knew that our brother suffered, but again we did not know the extent, " she says.

One thing that prevents many people from reaching out for help is the negative stigma that surrounds mental health. Robert says part of the reason why that stigma still exists largely because of how it is portrayed in the media, but also not wanted to seem weak. Everybody is going through something, and the more it's talked about the less isolating it feels, he says.

"I think the fact that you can't see it in an x-ray or see it on a medical record, that people don't believe it's there, but it actually is a real condition, and it's something that needs to be treated....just cause you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there," says Stephanie.

Robert says there are several online forums and telemedicine therapists and counselors to help people who are struggling. To find out more about the Tell Robert foundation, you can go to

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