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The Know Your Back Story campaign providing solutions to help with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Posted at 4:04 PM, Jul 22, 2022

Living daily with chronic back pain is no fun. Pain Management Physician and Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Peter G. Pryzbylkowski, joined Inside South Florida to share the cause, treatment option, and resources available to patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.

“Lumbar spinal stenosis is a degenerative condition of the lower back that we get as we age,” says Pryzbylkowski. “Typically, you can start to experience pain in your back that travels down your legs when you stand and walk for a long time.”

There is a less invasive treatment option to help back pain sufferer alleviate their discomfort.

“There's a procedure called minimally invasive lumbar decompression. It's an outpatient or same day procedure. It's an incision we make that's the size of a baby aspirin,” says Pryzbylkowski. “Through that tiny incision, we can remove an enlarged ligament in the low back that causes low back and leg pain. It gets patients back on their feet within 24 or 48 hours.”

Limiting your lifestyle because of continuous back pain is a common misconception.

“A misconception about lower back pain is you have to live with it. It's important for the public to know that there are specialists with board certification treating lower back and leg pain,” says Pryzbylkowski. “Our message is that you don't have to suffer. You should not accept chronic low back pain as a way of life as you get older.”

The Know Your Back Story campaign is dedicated to helping people dealing with lumbar spinal stenosis.

“This is a national campaign. We have a vehicle that has traveled all around the country. It displays some anatomical models and MRI views to iterate what causes lumbar spinal stenosis,” says Pryzbylkowski. “Through the campaign, you can find local providers who are board certified in pain management who can provide you with minimally invasive treatment options to alleviate chronic back and leg pain.”

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