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The Miami Dads Group gives back to our community

"A lot of families with babies are having to choose between food or diapers"
Posted at 12:03 PM, Aug 08, 2020
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Founded in 2008, the nationwide organization city dads group was created for dads all around the country.
Whether they're at home, working, married, single, gay or straight. The group was made for all dads to bond over their children, network and to change the face of modern fatherhood.
Since then, over 900 dads have joined and given back to their communities.
Locally, the Miami chapter has about 200 registered members and during these difficult times, the Miami Dads Group has partnered with another local foundation to give back.

"Well we connected to the Miami Diaper Bank through an opportunity and we decided, call to action. The need for diapers now with COVID-19 in South Florida is immense. You know there are families without income, lost of jobs, and the stats for that are astronomical. There is a need. So through our network and through ThinkGeek we stepped up. And this is just the beginning," says Ozzy Rosenberg, Founder and Administrator of Miami Dads Group.

The collaboration began when Ozzy discovered a circumstance within the community. He being a father of 2, knew the need for diapers was at an all time high.

"A lot of families(with babies) are having to choose between food or diapers and these diapers are just as essential as toilet paper for us. And it's a need, it's health, it's sanitary," stated Rosenberg.

Currently, the drop off site is at the ThinkGeek store in Dolphin Mall.

"Right now, since we are going through so many struggles in our community and in the nation, I felt that it was necessary for us to collaborate with somebody to help those families that are in need. And this was a perfect opportunity for us to collaborate with Miami Diaper Bank and with the Miami Dads Group," said Janet Eltaktouk, Store Manager, ThinkGeek Dolphin Mall.

Right now, about 1000 diapers have been dropped off and the drive will continue to until August 31st.

If you want to help out and can't go the drop-off site, the Miami Dads Group have created an Amazon wishlist where you can order any of the diapers needed and you can see that here

And it you want to know more about the Miami Dads Group you can follow them here

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