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The new Prime Video series “Forever Summer: Hamptons” is this summer’s next binge-worthy show

The new Prime Video series “Forever Summer: Hamptons” is this summer’s next binge-worthy show
Posted at 2:56 PM, Jul 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-15 14:56:54-04

If you're searching for a new, binge-worthy show, consider adding the new series “Forever Summer: Hamptons” to your watchlist. The new series follows a group of friends from different backgrounds as they chase the perfect summer at a pivotal point in their lives. Cast Members, Avery Solomon and Emelye Ender, joined Inside South Florida to share what we can expect from the show.

“It's a coming of age docu-soap about some college-age kids who, like Emily and I, are born and raised in West Hampton. So, we're what you would call a local,” says Solomon. “Then there's another cast member Ilan, who is from the city. So, we see these two different sides of the Hamptons because I feel like the Hamptons kind of has this whole stigma of like glitz and glam and all that.”

The Hamptons might be associated with glitz and glam, but the goal of this series is to show how locals live in the Hamptons. Ender explained why this show is different compared to other shows like it.

“There is such a stigma about the Hamptons, and I feel like there is no other show like this,” says Ender. “It's just so cool because it's our lives, and it's super real. It's just us doing what we would do, but there are cameras there, so I think that it's super special in that way.”

Solomon also commented on how she felt having cameras always on them, documenting their daily lives.

“You really do forget that there are these giant cameras and a whole crew in front of you,” says Solomon. “When you're filming, you're so in it, and you're just in the moment that you completely forget that it's literally just us living.”

You can watch “Forever Summer Hamptons,” streaming now on Prime Video

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