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The Salty rolls out new items just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted at 3:42 PM, Sep 19, 2022

South Florida is a melting pot of flavors and cultures which is why for our ISF correspondent Miriam Tapia takes us to The Salty where for the month of September they are rolling out new items for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Salty prides it self on being more than just a donut shop, the strive to tell stories with their ever changing menu and create a space for the community.

“What I think really differentiates us from a lot of other donut or coffee shops is our involvement in the community,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Danny Pizarro. “So really incorporating different flavors and inspiration from the community, to engage the folks that are visiting our stores.”

The eatery is celebrating the rich flavors from the Latino community with new items on their menu.

“We have a pastelito special on the menu. It's nice and fluffy. Like grandma's favorite pastalito-filled with a homemade flan custard it's absolutely delicious,” says Pizarro. “Not too sweet, but it really hits the spot.”

The flan pastelitos are made fresh every day. They roll out the dough, brush in a little egg wash to get them golden brown, sprinkle a little brown sugar, pop them in the oven, when cooled, they fill the pastelito inside with their famous flan custard.

“It's my absolute favorite. We've used it in the past with different variations of it when we've done the flan donut,” says Pizarro. “But there's something about the pastelito version just like that crunchy, crispy taste on the pastelito that you just can't beat.”

To wash it all down, you can enjoy their refreshing cold brew with a twist.

“We have a twist on a Cafe con Leche, which is our Cafe con Leche cold brew,” says Pizarro. “It's a mix of evaporated milk and condensed milk.”

Another match made in heaven and a new addition to their menu is their Ropa Vieja Bun which is a partnership with Miami's own, Versailles.

You can grab the flan pastelito and the cold brew con leche until September 25.

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