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Trusted Advisor, Hamilton Jones, shares three tips to save on your homeowners insurance policy

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jun 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-15 17:45:58-04

South Florida is celebrated for its clear and sunny skies, but during the summer months residents have to prepare for destructive storms. Purchasing homeowner’s insurance in South Florida is a top priority. That is why WSFL-TV Trusted Advisor and President of Hamilton Fox Insurance, Hamilton Jones, joined Inside South Florida to share tips on how to save on your policy.

The landscape of the insurance market has changed after a special session on property insurance held last month in Florida, which may affect how you purchase coverage.

“There were eight notable changes that were passed, preventing fraud, curbing unscrupulous roof claims, and holding insurance companies more accountable,” says Jones. “What I can tell you is a lot of insurance companies that were still writing policies in the state have actually paused writing new policies as a result of some of these changes. There are some rumblings that more insurance companies may be in financial trouble.”

To save on your policy, there are key elements homeowners should consider, says Jones.

“The wind mitigation report is the single most important report that will reduce your insurance costs. What matters is the year that the roof covering was replaced and was permitted. The second most important credit that can be applied is the roof-to-wall connection credit,” says Jones. “The final most important point is the opening protection credit. The opening protection credit protects the openings throughout the house, including all windows, doors, and garage doors. What's key here is you may already be qualifying for this credit through hurricane shutters.”

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