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Understanding Social Media Algorithms and Promoting Positive Content

Posted at 11:28 AM, Jul 02, 2024

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Social media algorithms play a significant role in shaping the content users see on their feeds, influencing both positive and negative experiences. To shed light on this, Casey Fiesler joined Inside South Florida to explain how these algorithms work and the impact they have on our mental health.

Social media algorithms are essentially recommendation systems that predict what users might like based on their past behavior, such as what they have watched and engaged with. "They are predictions of what you might like based on your behavior in the past, like what you have watched and engaged with, both good and bad," Casey explained.

To encourage a more balanced and optimistic social media experience, companies like LG are taking proactive steps. LG's "Optimism Your Feed" campaign curates a playlist of optimistic and joyful content. This initiative aims to help users start their journey toward a more balanced feed filled with positive content.

Casey highlighted the detrimental effects of doom scrolling and consuming negative content on mental health. "If we are spending all our time scrolling through content that is toxic and makes us feel bad about ourselves, that's going to have a negative impact on our mental health," she noted. To counteract this, Casey suggests finding a balance by intentionally seeking out joyful content.

Casey shared practical tips for social media users to create a more positive experience:

  1. Reflect on Your Scrolling Habits: Be mindful of whether your scrolling session is making you feel better or worse.
  2. Search for Positive Content: Intentionally search for uplifting content, such as cute animal videos, to influence what appears on your feed.
  3. Engage with Positive Posts: Liking, commenting, and sharing positive content signals to the algorithm that you want to see more of it. It also encourages creators to produce more uplifting content.

By actively engaging with content that brings joy, users can train the algorithm to show more of what they like. "When you see content that you like, something that can be really good is to engage with it, not only because that tells the algorithm you want to see more of it, but it can also encourage creators to make more content that is uplifting," Casey advised.
For those interested in learning more about LG's "Optimism Your Feed" campaign and accessing the curated playlist, visit

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