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Vampire Hunting with Jamie Foxx and the cast of Netflix's newest film, “Day Shift”

Posted at 5:11 PM, Aug 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-18 17:11:21-04

Living in LA can be honestly, really stressful, being a vampire hunter definitely doesn't help either. Jamie Foxx is back starring in the new Netflix film “Day Shift.” The movie has Foxx as an LA vampire hunter trying to make a living these days that might actually kill him.

“What made me love the film was the fact that JJ Perry, who did all of the Fast and Furious and the John Wick movies, the fact that this was his debut, and the stunts that he sent me were crazy, that's the first thing before we get to the vampires,” says Foxx. “Then the basic story of a man trying to provide for his kid.”

The movie has a star-studded cast, with stars Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg and Karla Sousa also in the film.

“I take full responsibility for asking that we please get Dave Franco or I don't do the movie,” says Foxx. “When Dave Franco signed on, and we did the zoom, he murders the Zoom table.”

Both Frank and Foxx have a strong brotherhood in the movie and Franco shares that he also learned from Foxx in real life as well.

“Jamie, he's just an incredible leader on set, he just sets the tone and gets everyone excited,” says Franco. “He just creates this fun energy on set and it's just palpable. No matter if you come in, and you're tired, or doing an intense scene, you just can't help but be like, ‘alright, we're happy to be here.”

Souza, who plays "Paige", shares how she added a bit to the script making it more organic to her as a Latina woman and why she loves how her character is portrayed.

“Well, there was no Spanish for sure, so I did want to put some of the Spanish lingo and make it organic, not force it and so some of the cuss words are obviously in Spanish,” says Souza. “I was just so happy to see that the female lead wasn't being sexualized because normally in like these big blockbuster kind action movies the women are, and I was just waiting for that scene and I never got to it.”

"Day Shift" is now streaming on Netflix.

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