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WSFL TV's Trusted Advisor, Agape Treatment Center, shares tips to help avoid workplace burnout

Posted at 4:22 PM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 16:22:57-04

Stressors in the workplace can lead to feelings of fatigue, frustration or apathy. CEO of Agape Treatment Center, George Mavrookas, joined Inside South Florida to share tips to help reduce the effects of burnout.

“Burnout comes in a variety of ways,” says Mavrookas. “It could be stress in the workplace, a bad work environment, toxic culture and toxic people.”

There are options your employer can implement to help employees avoid having a breakdown.

“As an employer ensure you create a healthy culture,” says Mavrookas. “You can provide mental health days, have therapists available for people, and plan fun excursions, in which you can do activities and team building together.”

The effects of burnout could also be felt outside of the work environment.

“As healthy as you could be at the gym your mental health could be in a bad place. You could be feeling tired, fatigue, desperate or depressed,” says Mavrookas. “Your mental health could be great but if your physical health isn't doing great, you're also feeling the effects of that.”

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