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Yes, there’s 100 things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Posted at 5:01 PM, Nov 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 11:33:23-05

Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful place known for its beaches, restaurants and thriving nightlife. Inside South Florida correspondent Miriam Tapia caught up with Christiana Lilly, a local author who took the task of writing a book called,”100 things to do in Fort Lauderdale Before you die”.

“I have lived in Fort Lauderdale for a while. I have written for publications locally as well. And then the publisher actually reached out to me through a reference from another fellow writer in Fort Lauderdale,” says Lilly. “We talked about some of my ideas that I had for it, there's lots of places that are in Fort Lauderdale proper that need to be in the book.”

The author also shared how she went through creating the list.

“It started over beers with my husband. We went to a restaurant, and we were kind of brainstorming places that needed to be in there,” says Lily. “I had to really think creatively about it, because it's only 100. It sounds like it's a lot but it's really only 100, especially with our food and restaurant scene having to think about a mix of new places that have really established themselves as well as places that have been around for decades.”

History of Fort Lauderdale is one of them which Miriam and Lilly went to visit to learn about the beautiful greatness of that history Fort Lauderdale.

“This is really where everything began in Fort Lauderdale,” says Lilly. “This actually used to be the first hotel that people could stay in. And it was a sort of fancy place that you could stay in.”

Lilly also shared what she wants readers to take from the book.

“There's just so much to Fort Lauderdale beyond spring break or beyond the fact that we're this big business hub that we have a lot of cultural history here,” says Lilly. “We might be a baby compared to some other cities in the United States or even in Florida. There's just something for everybody in Fort Lauderdale.”

To order “100 Things to do in Fort Lauderdale Before you Die” visit or wherever books are sold.

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