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Zoom Mastery Coach Teaches Us: How to Present Yourself in Zoom

Posted at 9:50 AM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 11:20:47-04

In 2020 we all learned some very important words: Zoom and Muted! But nobody showed us how to present ourselves on zoom. Lighting, backgrounds, and camera positioning are all things that many have no clue about. Zoom mastery crash-courses are something that we didn't have the luxury of receiving, so we brought in Public Speaking and Zoom Mastery coach, Rosemary Ravinal.

After we found ourselves in the hyper-virtual year of 2020, society slowly started to become even more critical of how others appeared online.

"This can now make or break our careers, relationships, and reputations, because if we don't show up as our best selves, we lose credibility," stated Ravinal.

Many relationships were being strained due to others not knowing how to interact and present themselves on screen. The brain processes information visually, so we must make every angle count!

Because the new normal is destined to include a hybrid work experience, we have to be ready to show up on camera to interact with bosses, teammates, and customers. Everything about how you're framed, the way your dressed and your eye-line will determine their perception.

"Many people are still looking up or down to their camera[...] When you go to a portrait studio, a photographer will frame and light you properly. Our eyes are accustomed to seeing harmony and balance," explained Ravinal.

According to Ravinal, the first seven seconds of seeing someone is when opinions and impressions are foraged. A sharp "Zoom Score," is exactly what everyone needs to remain on top!

Lighting is crucial, but use what you have. Placing a yourself with a window toward your face is always a safe bet. A good, even light source can be created with two lamps in front of you. Never have a light shining behind you without a light placed in front of your face. And wear clothes that are well fitted, with colors that best fit your skin tone!

Harmony is important, so avoid distracting backgrounds. Virtual backgrounds are a big no in Ravinal's book, unless you know how to use them well. A little stylized corner to yourself will always be your best bet!

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