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Is there a Chiefs flag buried under Super Bowl host Allegiant Stadium in Vegas?

Is there a Chiefs flag buried under Super Bowl host Allegiant Stadium in Vegas?
Posted at 11:25 AM, Feb 07, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII will be hosted at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in just a few days. It’s neutral territory for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers … or is it?

It turns out, some fans think that the Kansas City Chiefs may have a little good luck on their side. When the stadium was being constructed in 2017, not every employee was a Las Vegas Raiders fan. In fact, there were at least two very hardcore Chiefs fans on the site.

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And since the Chiefs have a long-standing rivalry with the Las Vegas Raiders, one of those fans seems to have decided to bury a Chiefs flag where he believed the 50-yard line would be.

Chris Scherzer said he was there when the flag was buried and later posted about it on Facebook, writing, “Flag buried in dirt, encased in concrete, with a stadium built on top of it… Chiefs 1, Raiders 0.” Scherzer shared an image of his friend in a hard hat at the construction site. He was holding a Chiefs banner in the team colors with a “Chiefs Kingdom” inscription. (The post has since been taken down.)

“I thought it was absolutely legendary, but Raiders fans are trying to reach out to his job site and get him fired,” Scherzer said to the Las Vegas Review-Journal back in 2017.

The story has resurfaced in the last few weeks, but is there more to it than meets the eye?

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When officials began to investigate the story, they soon found that they might be looking at an elaborate prank. Marc Badain, who was the president of the Raiders at the time, reached out to the labor union that took part in constructing the stadium. The labor union leader pointed him in the direction of Scherzer and his buddy Gerard DeCosta, saying that they were both well-known Chiefs fans who helped in the construction of the stadium.

But when DeCosta was confronted, he confessed that he never buried the flag at all.

As proof that the whole thing was just a prank, DeCosta provided the flag that was featured in the now-infamous Facebook picture.

Of course, some superstitious Chiefs fans still hope that the original flag really is buried somewhere near the 50-yard line, and that the other flag was just a covert duplicate used to cover their tracks.

DeCosta can’t help teasing that the Chiefs have yet to lose at Allegiant Stadium, suggesting that perhaps there might be some good luck mojo happening beneath the field.

Will the good luck at Allegiant Stadium continue for the Chiefs during the Super Bowl? We will soon find out!

***Correction 2/8/24: Due to a reporting error, Marc Badain’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this story.

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