Tillamook cheese sold at Costco recalled for plastic contamination

The brand notified customers in a letter, saying it was recalling the affected cheese out of an abundance of caution.
Posted at 7:05 PM, Jun 07, 2024

Lovers of dairy and Costco beware: Your cheese could contain small pieces of plastic.

A Tillamook product sold at the wholesale store was recalled due to the issue, prompting the brand to send Costco customers a letter saying it was "voluntarily" removing the product from the marketplace out of an abundance of caution.

Costco said it identified the "very small" amounts of gray and black plastic pieces in a limited quantity of the Monterey Jack Cheese that was included in 32 oz. twin-packs with Tillamook's Colby Jack Cheese slices. They were sold in the Northwest from May 9 to 31 of this year and carry a best-by date of Oct. 22, the letter said.

A "Best If Used By" date is shown on a package of cheese.
A "Best If Used By" date is shown on a package of cheese.

Costco is asking customers who still have the product to refrain from consuming it and to return the package to their local store for a full refund.

It's also reassuring consumers who may have already eaten the product to not worry.

"If you have already consumed the product without issue, you do not need to take any action, as the likely presence of the foreign plastic material is very minimal," the letter, signed by Tillamook County Creamery Association's executive vice president Mike Bever, said.