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Experience the Ultimate Sugar Rush at this New Pop-Up Museum

Candytopia Opens in Aventura Mall
Posted at 12:57 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 12:58:46-05

It’s a candy lover’s dream come true at Candytopia!

The pop-up museum, located inside Aventura Mall, was created by TLC's Candy Queen star Jackie Sorkin. It features various Willy Wonka-inspired rooms, with all types of candy coated deliciousness.

"Candytopia is this incredible candy wonderland. By design it's incredibly corky, fun, full of candy. If you love candy this is definitely the place for you to come and enjoy, but really it's just a place to escape. We're all about escapism, we're all about having people come, connect and do something that you typically wouldn't normally do," said Sorkin.

Candytopia is built entirely from thousands of candy pieces like sour patch kids and red vines.

"It's been an artistry I've been perfecting with an incredible team for over a decade. People call you crazy for a really long time and then you know crazy turns into this incredible place. So, it's pretty awesome," said Sorkin.

"But no licking, no biting [the candy art]... right?" added Melissa Marrero.

"Right, we have an intro that says 'Do not lick, do not bite, do not suck the candy art' but there is candy in every room that's included in your ticket price," said Sorkin.

There are 10 rooms filled with over-the-top sculptures and portraits. First, guests are steered into a playground with swings and giant lollipops. Before being squeeze through a tunnel filled with inflated purple airbags, visitors can walk through the confetti room. And, saving the best for last, you can jump in the marshmallow pool.

So get your phones and Instagram's ready. The FOMO (fear of missing out) your followers will experience is real! Candytopia is open through January 26th, for tickets you can head on to