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Food Preparations for the Big Game Had Something for Everyone!

Posted at 3:07 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 15:07:43-05

Earlier in the week, we went to Hard Rock Stadium to see some of the exciting preparations that went down before for Super Sunday.

According to NFL Senior Director of Events Operations, Eric Finkelstein, preparations began last year.

"We've been coming here consistently every month in order to get everything in place so that we can feel confident of where we are. All that work pays off because that's the only way you can make it work with the sheer volume of stuff that's happening on this site," said Finkelstein.

Around 60,000 fans were at Hard Rock Stadium during Super Sunday and that's not including the staff members who were working that day.

"It's a level one national security event. It has more coordination with law enforcement than most events. We've been working with them for all this time that we have been planning this event in order to get everything in place, support everything that we are doing and to make the experience as safe and coordinated as possible," added Finkelstein.

Super Sunday didn't just showcase football and entertainment, there was also delicious food.

The official catering partner of Hard Rock Stadium called Centerplate showed off the menu that will be catered on Sunday, and this isn’t new for them.

This was the 15th time the company Centerplate has catered The Big Game. There was three different levels of food service, including concourse items, club level, and suites. From sliders to empanadas, there was something for everybody.

"We really wanted to capture the soul of Miami. Miami is diverse and Miami is a melting pot. The menu came from there, the menu came from everybody that is working here," said Chef Dayanny De La Cruz, who held the reigns in the kitchen on the big day.

Chef De La Cruz made history being the first female Executive Chef for Super Sunday.

"It's like cooking for Christmas, you just have a couple of extra people in your house, you get a bigger pot, you put a couple chairs outside, and we just put it out there. We serve 57,000 in a day with the Dolphins. For us, we want to make it bigger, more colorful, and more flavorful. We would love for every fan that comes here, no matter where you come from, to feel like you are in Miami," added Chef De La Cruz.