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Huey Magoo's Brings High Quality Chicken Tenders to Sunrise

Posted at 2:23 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-06 14:23:48-05

The chicken tender fast-food chain, Huey Magoo’s, has made it’s way down to South Florida.

Located in Sunrise along West Commercial Boulevard and Northwest 95th Avenue, the Georgia based restaurant offers guests signature grilled, hand-breaded or sauced premium chicken.

"It's a very high quality piece of chicken. From procurement, to out of the window, the way that we drop it, to order when you walk in through the door. We are not holding food all the way down to the recipe," said Tyler Cafferty, Franchisee of Huey Magoo's Sunrise.

What they’re known for? Chicken tenders, and you can get them on anything you like!

"We have a very diverse menu, you can put it (chicken) on anything you'd like. You can put it on a salad, you can put it on a sandwich, you can put it in a wrap, you can get it as finger food tossed in any of the sauces. I personally think that the Magoo's sandwich is the best sandwich on the market," said Cafferty.

The 1800-square-foot store is the first of five restaurants in South Florida. And they’re expecting to open more.

"What makes us stand out, first and foremost, from the operational stand point is the amount of pride we take on our employers and the way we take care of them. You're going to get smiles and genuine care for everyone that's in the building. We believe that we take care of our employers, our employers take care of the guests, and the guests will come back and take care of us," added Cafferty.

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