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Peruvian Chef / Owner of CVI.CHE 105 & Pollos y Jarras Adds New Eatery to His Restaurant Collection, INTI.MO!

Posted at 2:25 PM, Jan 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-14 15:34:05-05

This Peruvian-Nikkei outpost is the fifth restaurant from Chef Juan Chipoco. The man behind the mega-popular ceviche spot, CVI.CHE 105 and rotisserie chicken eatery Pollos y Jarras.

INTI.MO, standing for intimate in Spanish. But, Chipoco has a deeper meaning to the name.

"When I think about 'INTI.MO' it represents 'Inti,' [the Incas land - Peru] and the gold represents The Incas. And Inti Raymi means Incas God," said Chipoco.

The 80-seat restaurant was designed to feel like an extension of Chipoco’s house. The shelves are lined with family portraits and antiques from his own home.

The extensive menu offers hot and cold dishes including lamb, grilled octopus, sushi rolls, and of course, ceviches!

Click on the video to see Chef Chipoco make the "Trintimo," the three-plated ceviche dish at INTI.MO, which includes fresh tuna, corvina with seafood and avocado and their traditional ceviche.

Our Melissa Marrero sampled the ceviche with Chef Chipoco.

"They're all winners, but this [corvina with seafood and avocado] ceviche wins today," said Marrero.

This doesn’t make the end of Chipoco’s planned culinary expansion. He’s already thinking about his next venture, a Peruvian-Cuban eatery in collaboration with Yuca on South Beach.

"Part of Cuba is here in Miami so I really appreciate the Cuban effort and Cuban feeling. So, to respect that Cuban and Peruvian cuisine I was trying to do something very unique with the concept of Yuca and CVI.CHE 105.

INTI.MO is open everyday. For more information head to