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Society BBQ Brings Texas Cooking to Miami's Little River Neighborhood!

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jan 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 14:23:53-05

Texas-style barbecue has made its way to South Florida!

Located inside the Citadel Miami along Northeast 2nd Avenue and 83rd St., Society BBQ is the newest Grateful Hospitality concept created by Chef Richard Hales.

"In the Grateful Hospitality Group we have Sakaya Kitchen, which is my first ones, we are celebrating our tenth year. Blackbrick and also Bird and Bone at the Confidante Hotel. Dim Ssam A Gogo, is our food truck and our events business but that's it for now," said Hales.

Melisa Marrero tells Chef Hales how she loves that every restaurant has a different concept.

"It makes it difficult because it's something new every time but I guess it's my lack of doing the same thing over and over, that I need to do something new all the time. This is sort of a labor of love with Society BBQ. It takes about 18 hours to do what you see what's in front of you and I'm the one that's cooking it. So, it's a real dream come true," added Chef Hales.

The market-style counter combines carved-to-order smoked meats. Some dishes, like the prime biscuit, take over 15 hours to smoke. Seasoning the brisket is really no secret according to Chef Hales, all it needs is salt and pepper. Another must-try dish is the bone-in beef ribs, smoked for five hours and served with soulful sides.

And, when it comes to dessert, wifey Hales steps in with her famous bread pudding.

Marrero asks Chef Hales how he handles having kids and five restaurants.

"Well, this is proven to be the one that the kids are involved with the most. My daughter loves to sit at the cashier and take the money, which I don't know if it's good or bad. But, we really are humble people and really grateful that it extends in our own family, we are grateful for each other, we don't take advantage of each other. I love my kids so they are here. If I'm not home then I want them here with me as much as they can. I think that is what keeps us together. We are so bonded with the love we have for each other, the love we have for restaurants, the love we have for Miami and that is what I'm instilling in my family," said Chef Hales.

To see full feature and some of the dishes at Society BBQ click on video! And, for more information on the restaurant head to