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Michael Peña Takes on a More Serious Role in "Blumhouse's Fantasy Island"

Posted at 2:17 PM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 14:17:12-05

Blumhouse’s "Fantasy Island" is the horror adaptation to the popular 70s TV show.

The show starred Ricardo Montalbán as the mysterious "Mr. Roarke".

In the film, Michael Peña takes over the iconic role as he is the one that grants the fantasies of guests that come to the tropical resort. However, when the fantasies turn into nightmares the guests have to solve the island’s mysteries in order to escape with their lives!

Even though the series aired in the ‘70s, this adaptation, with Peña’s version of "Mr. Roarke", still relates to society today.

"With social media, there's life and there's Instagram life. People still have that fantasy, there's people taking pictures of them on a beach but it's actually just a picture of a beach. There's a lot of that's still going around so he's [Roarke] out there to fulfill people's fantasies," said Peña.

"Mr. Roarke" is a nonchalant and cold character, a role Peña isn't always seen doing.

"You never knew if he [Ricardo Montalbán] was giving you the wink or he didn't like you. You couldn't really read the guy, which I thought was really important. The idea was to have this ominous character hosting your journey and being very stringent in fulfilling the fantasy to its natural conclusion and not diverting in any other way. So, if you chose it then you have to live with it. I think the necessity of him [Roarke] having to do that is why he is that way," added Peña.

Peña was joined by a unique cast that surprisingly brought the laughs to the film.

"There's a couple of guys that are really funny. Ryan Hansen and Jimmy O. Yang serve up some laughs some jokes and some levity there. There's a couple of places with some really well-placed levity that I found entertaining," said Peña.

Since the film talks about the ultimate fantasy, Michael shares his Fantasy.

"My mom died when I was younger so I would want to reunite with her and spend a week with her. That would be amazing," added Peña.

Catch Michael Peña and the rest of the cast in Blumhouse’s "Fantasy Island" out now in South Florida theaters!