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Pulse Art Fair Celebrates 15th Anniversary during Miami Art Week

Posted at 3:51 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 16:03:28-05

MIAMI BEACH — The most Instagram worthy week is bringing Pulse Art Fair back for its 15th year!

The art fair welcomes a roster of globally renowned galleries and artists.

"Pulse really started at the beginning of what was this art week in Miami and we are incredibly happy, 15 years later to still be here. What makes us different what makes us stand apart from everyone else is that we are here to give you a full balanced fair. We have a perfect amount of galleries for you to truly enjoy but not feel overwhelmed with," said Cristina Salmastrelli, Director of the Pulse Art Fair.

Pulse welcomes visitors with a work of empowerment: a 22-foot long armored military vehicle covered in glass beads.

"We are very honored to have Ralph Ziman's Casspir project with us at this edition of Pulse. This is a vehicle that was used during apartheid in South Africa. To really be a rain of terror something that scared people, intimidated people, and kept terrible rules and regulations in place. Ralph has turned that completely around and has used traditional beading from South African tribes and communities and put them all over the tank and now instead of running from it, you want to go to it and take a picture in front of it," said Salmastrelli.

And it isn’t just an art fair anymore.

"We all know that this is the most hectic week for any art week anywhere. So, Pulse is the calm in the palms. we have a wellness lounge for you to take a minute, take a breather, relax and revive yourself before going to see our artwork. It's really important that you come here and that you can truly absorb the artwork that we have," said Salmastrelli.