After beating cancer, mother-daughter duo turned baking into helping other cancer patients

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 10:37:09-04

Melissa Nunez and her husband felt helpless when they found out their daughter Maddie was diagnosed with leukemia at just four years old.

"The words that go through your head is, your daughter has cancer," said Melissa.

The diagnoses forced Melissa to quit her job at Baptist Hospital in Miami and figure out a way to make ends meet at home. That's when their sweet venture, All4MaddieCakes, started.

"We came back from the hospital and I'm thinking, what am I going to do because how is my husband going to take care of the financial piece I was bringing into the hospital. I spoke to my husband and asked what if you gave me the opportunity to stay home and do this from the house. He was like go for it. Maddie, anytime I would have an idea, she’d be there," said Maddie.

Baking has been a welcomed distraction from chemotherapy and doctor visits. After two and a half years of treatments, things started to slowly get back to normal.

"It feels like I help people," said Maddie.

Maddie was proclaimed cancer free in January. Her hair started to grow back and her desires have put her on the path towards a career in the kitchen.

"It inspires me to be a good baker," said Maddie.

The help other cancer patients cope with the pain, Melissa and Maddie provides homemade sweet treats to hospitals.

Maddie believes her gesture gives those families a sense of hope.

"I would tell them it’s going to be okay and it’s going to be good. You’re going to get really healthy and never give up," said Maddie.

For more information about All4MaddieCakes, click here.